Kalbettada Darodekoraru

Kalbettada Darodekoraru Kannada Movie Watch Online Free
Release Date: 22 Feb, 2019
Genres: Drama
Run Time: 1 hrs 40 mins
Country: India
Language: Kannada
Director: Deepak Madhuvanahalli
Producer: N/A
Writter: N/A
Stars & Cast: Hemanth Sushill, Nataraj Bhat, Shwetha R Prasad, Sundar


Set in a small village called Hangod, the film highlights the daily life struggle of the villagers and how they overcome their problems on a daily basis.
Growing tobacco as their major crop, dealing with robberies in the village, the mystery of Kalbetta hill, the rivalry of local students who belong to two different streets and their leaders being in love with same girl are some of the major problems faced by the people. Kalbettada Darodekoraru Kannada Movie is schedule to release on 22 Feb 2019 in India.

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Kalbettada Darodekoraru Kannada Movie Official Trailer

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